Technical translation of documentation

No business, regardless of the direction of its activity, can do without technical documents. They largely reflect the essence of the company, give the partners a clear idea of this or that line of work in and are the key to long and mutually beneficial relations. And if the company works with foreign partners, it is important to ensure full understanding and complete technical translation correctly.

Technical translation is one of the main activities of our company. We work on agreements and contracts, business plans and commercial offers, instructions, drawings, projects and many other varieties of technical documentation.

The main goal of our work is to most accurately convey the meaning of a text in a foreign language. And this requires not only understanding of the terminology. To do this, the translator needs to be fluent in these terms.

In order to translate technical documentation on a good professional level, and in order that partners from another country correctly understand the text, it is not enough just to create a glossary of technical terms. You must also correctly connect these terms with each other. You need to connect them so that the text is clear and pleasant to read for a person fluent in the language.

Translation of technical documentation, translation of contracts or documents is required for all enterprises working with foreign companies. And regardless of their field of activity, the translator must have really professional expertise. There is no “more complex” or “easier” areas for translation. Each of the activities – from medicine to law, from information technology to engineering, from the food to the mining industry – all of them have their own specifics, professional language and terminology. And every time the translator takes on the translation of technical documentation in a new field, he or she first carefully examines the direction, in which the company operates, selects for him- or herself the terms to be used in the text, keys into them, composes a mini-dictionary (glossary), and only after that he or she starts working with the text itself.

Types of technical translation

There are different types of technical translation:

  • Translation of all the information, i.e. full translation;
  • Brief translation, i.e. abstract, in the process of which the main information is summarized. In this type of translation, the leading linguistic transformation is transduction, i.e. regardless of the obtained volume of translation, its information will be the same as the original on its denotative meaning;
  • Abstract translation, i.e., a brief description of the original text, with the content of the main themes and the source of its main provisions;
  • As well as heading translation and technical interpretation.

Technical translation, its features and benefits of our agency:

Responsibility for the result. We understand how important the translation of technical documentation is in the process of cooperation with foreign partners, and what role can a mistake play. We try to avoid even the slightest inaccuracy and repeatedly recheck the finished translation before giving it to the customers.

Responsibility for the timing. Technical translation can be performed on an individual basis, or by a team of specialists. Having a large amount of work with a minimum period of time, we will ensure its implementation, even ahead of time. Turning to us, you will not suffer because of the missed deadlines.

Favorable prices. The cost of translation of technical documentation depends on its complexity. We try to reduce the costs of the organization of work, therefore, show the most advantageous pricing for our clients. There can be discounts in case of large volumes.

So, do you need a technical translation? Do you urgently need to give contracts to foreign partners? Or to translate instructions and project documentation into Russian? No matter what language it is about, we will do our work on a professional level as soon as possible!

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