Translation of contracts, agreements and treaties

Working with foreign companies, it is important to treat every detail with great attention, as even a simple mistake in the preparation of the agreement could cause serious trouble in the future.

Agreement is a document that will guarantee you complete fulfillment of all obligations. By signing an agreement, you are making an important step on the validity of which the future of your company depends. Translation of an agreement shall be executed as competently as possible. There are several reasons for this:

Attention to the legal aspects of business. How else one can make sure of the honesty of foreign partners? It can be made only by sealed and signed contracts which, in the event of default by one party can be used in court or other authority. If the translation of agreements contains any errors that could lead to misunderstandings, one of the parties can be left in the basket.

The possibility of deception on the part of a foreign partner or a lack of understanding of all aspects of a contract. If a translator only approximately conveyed the document text or even deleted some parts insignificant (in his or her opinion), you can get into trouble. Furthermore, in some languages, the same words being differently arranged in the same sentence have different meaning. Only a professional can convey these details.

Attention to details. Your company’s image could suffer if the agreement text translated into another language contained errors and even misprints. In order that an agreement is not just considered, but also signed by the other party, you should refer to a company approved itself on the translation market.

Translation of agreements is a quite difficult job, which is somewhat similar to the translation of the instructions. Just as in technical texts, it is important to understand and be fluent in the terminology. In this case – the legal terminology. Apart from the very terms, there are other linguistic features in this area – bureaucratic style, specific turns of speech that are in every language. They need to be taken into account.

By entering into contracts with representatives of a foreign company, you probably are looking for a considerable profit and long-term cooperation. In order to make this cooperation profitable for you and your partner, you should carefully choose the translation agency.

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