Charter translation

The merger of companies, obtaining permits for business abroad, signing a contract with a foreign partner – all of these situations may require the owner of the organization to translate a charter.

Charter is a basic founding document of any company with any organizational and legal form. It reflects the activity, work regulations, management, distribution of shares of the company and many other aspects of the business. In order that entrepreneurial activities abroad and cooperation with foreign legal entities and individuals do not cause any problems, the charter translation shall be made in a professional manner.

If contacting our agency, you can get qualified charter translation services and other founding documents, as well as personal, such as the translation of a diploma, a passport, etc. Our experts will perform the work competently and quickly and make the text not only legally correct but also pleasant to read. You will receive a copy of your charter with the text in a foreign language in a few days.

Absolutely all the translations made in Hands Agency undergo quality control, editorial check and proofreading before it gets to the customer. Not one word, not one letter of the charter will cause you complaints.

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